The Room of Ancient Keys: Poem by Elena Mikhalkova


Today we pause with a poem spotted on Facebook by Elena Mikhalkova titled “The Room of Ancient Keys.” You might feel like it was written for you these days, and if so, take a pause to reflect on the power of its words. Paired with a photo of chowder from the Angry Trout restaurant in Grand Marais, both intended to bring you some comfort in case you are feeling overwhelmed. You’ll get through it.

The Room of Ancient Keys
Elena Mikhalkova

Grandma once gave me a tip:

During difficult times,
you move forward in small steps.
Do what you have to do, but little by little.
Don’t think about the future,
not even what might happen tomorrow.
Wash the dishes.
Take off the dust.
Write a letter.
Make some soup.
Do you see?
You are moving forward step by step.
Take a step and stop.
Get some rest.
Compliment yourself.
Take another step.
Then another one.
You won’t notice, but your steps will grow
bigger and bigger.
And time will come
when you can think about the future
without crying.
Good morning.